Nov 12

Spring in Fall

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Two years of drought followed by heavy rains in a warm fall has produced bursts of spring flowering and some spring butterflies even as it’s produced sudden fall color…a very odd combination.


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Nov 10

Temporary Natural Water

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We have no permanent natural water on the place.   But when it does rain, we have a variety of temporary water sources, from the actual creek to the various overflow channels (some of concern because of erosion; others now pretty much “tamed.”)


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Nov 06

Details from Today’s Walkaround

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Some grasses should be planted just for the way they look with sunlight slanting through them in the fall.


This is one.  It’s one of the Muhlys, but I don’t know which.

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Nov 04

Early November

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The dry-woods swale is slowly drying up:


The pale area is where water stood for several weeks.

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Oct 30

Gorgeous Day

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Instead of raining yesterday as the front came through, the sky slowly cleared from the west,  and today dawned chilly and clear.  While Richard worked on fence, I put on rubber boots and went out to see if anything’s drying out yet.


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Oct 27

Wildlife in the Wet

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After the additional three inches of rain yesterday, the saturated ground is leaking water down every slope, making the grassland look like a marsh, or at least the margins of a marsh.

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Oct 24

New species and more…

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We have a new species for the list, another bug (literally bug–a stinkbug found on a bush honeysuckle yesterday morning.)  There were lots of them, in fact: all adults, this time.  (You can tell by the wings folded onto the back.)


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Oct 20

Happy Grasses after Rain

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An introduction to some more of our “big” grasses, now flowering beautifully after the rain.   Two are climax tallgrasses, and one is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful grasses in the country and deserves to be used more as a landscape accent.

Meet Lindheimer Muhly (Muhlenbergia Lindheimeri).  All the Muhlys are pretty grasses; some are more striking than others, but Lindheimer Muhly is the queen of the lot:


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Oct 12

Other Places

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For the past week, I’ve been in New York State, first visiting a friend in Oswego, with several walks through the woods at the Rice Creek Field Station, and then traveling by train down the Mohawk and the Hudson Rivers, and finally here in NYC, where I spent several hours yesterday at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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Sep 27

Butterflies & other survivors

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Though we lost the two planted cypresses to the drought, and some of the water iris we’d planted in the “swamp”, this one survived and is now coming back up from the corm.


The water here is about an inch deep–this is an overflow/seep channel off the main creek; 8.5 inches didn’t put more than a flood pulse through it, but the final 1.5 inches left this wide shallow pool…and a brave little iris.

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