Dec 11

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Elizabeth Moon’s website:

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Elizabeth Moon on Twitter:  emoontx

Texas Parks & Wildlife, Land & Water:


Dragonflies & Damselflies:

Butterflies & Moths:

Reptiles & Amphibians of Texas:

Native Plants:

Invasive Species in Texas:

Plateau Land & Wildlife Management: a company offering many services  to landowners doing wildlife management–we aren’t their clients, but I’ve been impressed with their expertise when talking to other landowners who are.  If  you can’t find what you need on the TPWD site, they can probably help you.

Texas Nature Listservs–volunteer run, e-lists of both amateur and professionals in these fields who are in, or have particular interest in, Texas leps, birds, and insects/arachnids.  Many other groups exist (TexOdes, TX-Hummer, etc.) but these are the ones I’m most familiar with:

TX-Butterfly (butterflies & moths):  Subscribing info

TEXBIRDS: Subscribing info

TX-ENTO (insects and arachnids): Subscribing info

Nature Blog Network (easy gateway to hundreds of nature-related blogs)