About 80AcresOnline

Nov 29

80AcresOnline exists to share information about the 80 Acres project–wildlife management and prairie restoration on relatively small acreage, in an environment where everything is changing: climate, land use, and attitudes towards undeveloped land, wildlife, and native plants.

Many larger blocks of land have already been divided and subdivided for development, and very few will have a chance to own or manage the big pieces left undeveloped.  So the small acreages–five acres to  a hundred and fifty, say–have become critical to the survival of native plants and wildlife.  How best to manage these lands in the face of encroaching urbanization, climate change, and other variables is the focus of our research and discovery.  There’s more information–including never-quite-current species lists–on the website.

Celebration of the possibilities–sharing what can be done, rejoicing in the beauty and health that the land still has–and may regain–is the fun part of this blog.    We hope the website will eventually have photographs of just about everything that lives on the place, but in the meantime–I post some here, for information and just for the beauty.