Oct 22

Enough for Now

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Last night we got another three inches of rain.

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Oct 20

Happy Grasses after Rain

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An introduction to some more of our “big” grasses, now flowering beautifully after the rain.   Two are climax tallgrasses, and one is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful grasses in the country and deserves to be used more as a landscape accent.

Meet Lindheimer Muhly (Muhlenbergia Lindheimeri).  All the Muhlys are pretty grasses; some are more striking than others, but Lindheimer Muhly is the queen of the lot:


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Oct 03

Running Water!

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And I’m not there to photograph anything!    I’m in St. Louis, while the Muscle on the place (husband and son) are home building a fence in the rain.

So I had email that the creek was running a little, with the first inch of rain after I left, and yesterday they had a downpour of 1.2 inches in 20 minutes.   Today it rained more, and the water level in the hand-dug well near the barn is within 5 feet of the surface.

And I’m not there.   But in a few more weeks I will be and you can bet I’ll be out there seeing what comes up.

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Sep 24

A stitch not in time…

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We waited a bit too long to get the new big water tanks…two 2500 gallon jobs were delivered yesterday, in the rain:


The view from the door…they just don’t hold much water when lying on their sides.    And they block our view of the driveway…not to mention the driveway itself.  This week so far, starting Monday, we picked up another 1.3 inches.  Nice, slow, soaking rain.

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Mar 13

And More Rain

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We hit the jackpot this time.   Before dark today, Richard recorded a storm total (over three days ) of  4 inches at Owl Pavilion,  3.7 at Fox Pavilion.   The two house gauges, one north of our house and one west of the other house, were measured at roughly noon,  both over 3 inches.


This is a shot from the end of the front porch, across the barn pen fence, into the south horse lot, about four Friday afternoon.  Puddles!!!  Green!!!  (that field was gray-tan three days ago.  Our grass is ambitious.)

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