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Posted: September 24th, 2009 under Water, Weather.
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We waited a bit too long to get the new big water tanks…two 2500 gallon jobs were delivered yesterday, in the rain:


The view from the door…they just don’t hold much water when lying on their sides.    And they block our view of the driveway…not to mention the driveway itself.  This week so far, starting Monday, we picked up another 1.3 inches.  Nice, slow, soaking rain.

The view from the end of the front porch, past the end of the carport and out to the south horse lot:


This led my husband to inquire “When did we move to Ireland?”  Compare to the September 11 picture, just when the rain started, showing a lot less green past the barn pen.   http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/?p=413

Yesterday’s afternoon drive to the city for choir practice was difficult–rain and traffic combined–but city yards as well as country fields showed the benefits of the earlier and current rain.

Today has been cloudy and cool, with no rain here so far, but rain predicted.   The real winner for timing is our friend with a ranch halfway across the county, who had just finished cleaning out his (long dry) stock tanks when the big rain fell…and they got 13 inches.    They’ve had more since, and he can’t store more water, but he’s very happy anyway.   Less happy, I’m sure, are the owners of the tractor I saw yesterday marooned on the less-useful side of a creek that’s now flowing.

Ah, well, the big tanks can go in the next time the ground’s dry enough to put in the foundations for them, and they’ll be ready for the following rain…

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