Carpet of doves

Posted: December 16th, 2008 under Wildlife.

In severe weather (as today),  flocks of doves come in to feed.  They crowd together, little heads bobbing up and down, and their level gray-taupe backs look like a moving carpet.  The Inca doves are prettier; the white-wings en masse  can look all too much like a carpet of feathered rats.

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  • Comment by elizabeth — December 17, 2008 @ 12:45 pm


    Wednesday’s addition: blue jays and cardinals vocalize as they come near the feeder–most of the time. Jays visit the feeder area, squawking loudly, then go away, then come back in a minute or two, usually less loud at that time.

    Doves do not vocalize when coming to the feeder–in fact, the first one may almost sneak in, well ahead of the flock. This is true for both species we see in winter. When there’s any alarm, all the white-wings take off (much loud flapping) but some of the Incas will freeze in place.

    English sparrows are noisy on approach, but quiet while feeding. White-crowned sparrows approach quietly and only after they’ve eaten some do they vocalize and call in their buddies.

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