May 27

Harvest Time

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Remember that garden post from May 11?   Well, we’ve had tiny harvests since then–a few radishes,  enough beans for a small “mess” of them–but today was the first Grand Prize for home gardeners–enough corn, beans, and tomatoes for a meal for two.


Oh, happy taste buds!  Happy stomachs!   The Chief Gardener said this made the work worth it.  Hurray!

And yes, a lot of wildlife have enjoyed the garden as well, from bugs to birds.   (So far the deer haven’t discovered it…)

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May 11

On the Domestic Side

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Though nearly all our land is used for wildlife,  we do have a vegetable garden.  Twenty-something years ago, we put in raised beds edged with landscape timbers.  Though some of those are rotting out, the main design is still there:


This is the garden from the east; the near bed had radishes in it and still has some carrots; to the right is a huge (HUGE) Mexican oregano plant from previous years.  We did not get the winter stuff in on time because of the severe drought and water use restrictions.  The next bed has corn on both ends and beans and sunflowers in the middle.

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